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Zech 10:1
…. Ask ye of the LORD rain in the time of the latter rain; so the LORD shall make bright clouds,
and give them showers of rain, to every one grass in the field.


International Ministry


Pastors in JapanThe music and preaching ministry of Latter Rain has inspired and impacted spiritually so many that in 1996, the International Ministry was birthed after Pastor Hubert and Latter Rain Music Ministry was invited by Mr. Fugi of Japan, to participate in Japan's 50th Year Memorial War Service. This momentous fellowship with Japan not only brought two nations together, but it also proved that despite differences in culture, genre and beliefs, there exists a bond that reminds us that we are all God's people. Latter Rain Ministry was met with such fervent enthusiasm that there was a huge demand for them to return to Japan the following year, and continued to do so for the next 15 years. In Japan, the International Ministry bought forth songs of worship and praise, and citizens of Japan who did not understand English, were singing and worshipping God in unison with Latter Rain Ministry.

Despite historical events between the two countries, it was evident that embraced love and friendship can be shared between eastern and western hemisphere when God is in the midst. Since then, Pastor Powell and the In Heavenly Choir have performed in various cities and areas in Japan and have felt the overwhelming affection and love from the Japanese citizens.

This fellowship between Latter Rain and Japan has been so cohesive that the Latter Rain members participated in welcoming Japanese students to their lives and homes for the past 8 years. Latter Rain members have built life-long relationships and look forward to welcoming Japanese student. Both Latter Rain children and Japanese students learn and exchange cultural experience and lifestyle habits in the hopes of understanding each other's unique characteristics that embrace them into God's family. Leadership Seminar

In 2005, Latter Rain International Ministry enlarged their missionary services as Pastor Hubert released Pastor Jackie to go to Ivory Coast, West Africa at the invitation of the Mission for Christ Organization. "Mom", as Pastor Jackie is so affectionately called by the people of Abidjan, has not only ministered, but also conducted successful leadership and mentorship seminars as well as youth conferences. Embracing Your Destiny Ministry was birthed out of Pastor Jackie's commitment to encourage people everywhere, to go after what God has for your life. The church currently sponsors students in Abidjan and Duekoue and is actively pursuing future projects and initiatives in that area. While Latter Rain is not the first to travel to Abidjan, Africa, it is the belief that God will also use this ministry to be another bridge between American and Ivorian culture to help further understand our heritage as well as the heart of God for all of his people.

In addition to Japan and Africa, Latter Rain has also been involved in missionary works in Guyana, South America, and Paris, France. The International Ministry continues to get invitations from various areas of the world, and realizes that God's ministry is not limited to the United States. For more information on the ongoing missionary work of Latter Rain Christian Fellowship Ministry, please visit Embracing Your Destiny Ministry website at:

International Mission Team

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The ministry believes in outreaches in the community and has participated on various levels through food drives, community festivals, clothing drives, and hosting conferences made
available to edify the city






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