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Zech 10:1
…. Ask ye of the LORD rain in the time of the latter rain; so the LORD shall make bright clouds,
and give them showers of rain, to every one grass in the field.



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Biographies of Pastor Hubert Powell & CO -Pastor Jacquelyn Powell

Pastor Hubert Powell

Pastor Hubert Powell, Jr.

Hubert L. Powell, Jr. is a visionary, captivating yet humble leader who serves as pastor of Latter Rain Christian Fellowship Ministry in his home town of Hartford, Connecticut. As the beloved son of the late Deacon Hubert and Mrs. Edith Powell, he was raised in Holy Trinity Church of God in Christ and educated in the Hartford school system. The call of leadership and mentorship was evident in his life at an early age, and he was acknowledged for his immense musical talent as evidenced by the various venues where his gifts were utilized. After going on tour with the renowned jazz organist, Groove Holmes, he continued as a professional musician and worked on projects with various secular music artists such as Wood, Brass & Steel and Musique.

In March of 1979, Hubert Powell heard the voice of God and gave his life to the Lord. He left the secular world of music to submit to the call of preaching and teaching God's word. His lifetime pastor, the late great Bishop I. L. Jefferson, recognized the potential that God has placed in him, and elevated Hubert Powell, first as minister and then an elder at the church. The call of God on his life quickly began to manifest as numerous invitations for him to bless others with his testimony of deliverance began to be extended. In 1985, Elder Hubert Powell was appointed and humbly accepted the position of pastor of Holy Trinity Church of God in Christ in Hartford, CT after the death of Bishop I. L. Jefferson.

As the ministry progressed, the Lord gave Pastor Hubert the vision to take the church to the next level and in The Powell FamilySeptember of 1998, the church entered phase one of the new church edifice, which is located at 3200 Main Street, Hartford, CT. It was also during this transitional phase, that the name of Holy Trinity Church changed to Latter Rain Christian Fellowship Church. Assisting him for the past 26 years in his pastoral ministry is his industrious and anointed wife of thirty-nine years, Co-Pastor Jacquelyn E. Powell. Pastors Hubert and Jacquelyn Powell are the proud parents of three sons, Hubert "Doobie" Powell, III, William "Church Boy" Powell, and Kevin Powell. In addition, they have been blessed with two daughters-in-laws: Denise Rene and Joi, and five granddaughters and one grandson. The call of leadership and mentorship that started in Pastor Hubert Powell has now trickled down to his three sons, who are not only dedicated musicians at Latter Rain Church, but are also acknowledged and highly respected musicians in the gospel industry.


Co-Pastor Jacquelyne Powell

Co-Pastor Jacquelyn Powell

Jacquelyn E. Powell is an inspiring, anointed and vivacious woman of God who not only works diligently alongside her husband, Pastor Hubert Powell, but also is a mentor and leader to women worldwide as she encourages and motivates them to embrace their destiny. She was born in Springfield, MA and attended Springfield school systems and later focused her studies at Springfield Community College. In addition to her administrative duties at Latter Rain Church, she also serves God through her profound preaching and musical talents. Her powerful, bold and dynamic sermons have impacted so many throughout the nations that she continues to receive invitations from people of various cultures, genres and countries. In her unrelenting efforts to go after and cultivate the vision that God has spoken to her life, Pastor Jackie has founded Embracing Your Destiny Ministry.
More information on her phenomenal missionary work can be found on the website:

Pastors Hubert and Jackie Powell still share a great love for God's anointed music and have brought forth numerous inspiring and highly acclaimed musical projects at Latter Rain Christian Fellowship Ministry. Please take an opportunity to visit the Music Ministry Page of this website to further enjoy and learn about the Pastor Co Pastor-Loving grandmotherHubert's musical accomplishments and the music ministry of Latter Rain. If you are interested, please visit the Product Page to purchase the talented and inspirational music by the Powell family members.

Pastor Hubert and Jacquelyn Powell have been consistent and compassionate people of God who have touched so many people in both the secular and spiritual sector. The Word resides in the pastors of Latter Rain and we thank God for their unselfish wisdom and insight as well as their never-ending love for the people of God. It is their wish that no one would perish and they want to see everyone experience the awesomeness of God in their lives.

The ministry believes in outreaches in the community and has participated on various levels through food drives, community festivals, clothing drives, and hosting conferences made
available to edify the city.

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